Baskin Robbins Franchise

Do you wish to begin Baskin Robbins Franchise then you are at right place, within the following guide, we examine the investment and eligibility for beginning a Baskat Robbins Franchise company in details below.

Baskin Robbins Business were Began annually 1946, Baskin Robbins began Franchising, Since 1950 in Headquarters Canton, Massachusetts and they are having Estimated Quantity of Components 8,040

Baskin Robbins Franchise at India began from 1993. Baskin Robbins Ice creams are manufactured in BR own plant in Pune under license from Baskin Robbins International, Basking Robins isn’t merely an India based Business but is dispersed across all SAARC areas states.

The initial branch of Baskin Robins was launched in Mumbai in 1993. It’s formed out a network over India with 500+ outlets and approximately 5600 retail sockets throughout the world.

Ice creams are all time favorites for individuals across all age classes. In spite of the event, serving ice creams have become a fad in most parties.

As one of the major brands for thick ceremony ice cream at the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, Baskin Robbins delivers exceptional tastes of ice cream in enjoyable atmosphere to guest as well as the globes.

Now, BR proceeds to seek out an exceptional candidate to deliver more flavors, more entertaining, to fresh markets. When an entrepreneur has an opinion to discuss this passion for guests and products, it’s the right time to combine the Baskin Robbins Franchise and deliver the fun and special flowers to the favourite corner of the world.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Opportunity

What are the Baskin Robbins Franchise opportunity? If you’re wanting to begin your entrepreneurial dreams on a solid foundation having your Baskin Robbins franchise is the solution for you.

Baskin Robbins is the world’s biggest chain of ice cream specialty shops with over 7,000 retail shops around the world.

In India, Baskin Robbins is the very enlarged Ice cream retail series from the nation with over 725 grocery shops. When you begin to construct your personal Baskin Robbins socket , you can rely on numerous unique ingredients which have made us what we are now.

Their top quality products are endorsed every step along the way together with our wisdom and expertise in operations, advertising, training, product development, and ice cream!

In this manner, going in to get a Baskin Robins Franchise is a sensible business deal that brings tremendous profits in a brief length of time.

The simple fact that Baskin Robins has won the numerous struggles with other Ice cream manufacturers giving them stiff contest proves that getting a Baskin Robins Franchise is an extremely rewarding thing.

For those that wish to commit a fair and suitable amount of invest in a small company, getting a Baskin Robins Franchise is a fantastic option.

The Indian ice cream sector is just one of the fast growing sections of the food and milk processing.

The ice cream businesses in India generated revenues of over USD 1.5 billion in 2016 and is estimated to make a revenue of roughly USD 3.4 billion by 2021.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Cost

Let us look for Baskin Robbins Franchise Cost, Below Franchise Fee (Includes shop opening, advertising, job, consultancy and coaching fees)

BR Kiosk: Rs.500000

BR Parlour: Rs.400000

Gear and Furniture: Rs.2,74,000.

Gear and Furniture: Rs.3,20,000 + Rs.40,000

Gear and Furniture: Rs.5,01,379 + Rs.1,50,000

The Period of the franchise term is generally 20 years

(Except Baskin-Robbins APOD/Expresswhich is generally 5 or 10 years).

There’s a third party renewal for another period of 20 years if, and only if, all prerequisites are satisfied.

It may be established at a premise, the square feet of that only have to be at the anger of 150 square feet and frontage has to be in the selection of over 10 ft.

It could be established at a premise with square feet of 250 square feet and frontage of over 12 ft.

Baskin Robbins Lounge is located in a place of 500 square feet using all the frontage of both 15 ft.

Return on investments on almost any version of Baskin Robins Franchisee is dependent on several different factors like place and need for its goods etc..

The absolute minimum of 3 years is your likely span to anticipate return on investment for Kiosk and Parlour Franchise and anyplace between two to 2.5 years for its Ice cream market.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Requirement

What are the Baskin Robbins Franchise Requirements?

  • A fervent and enthusiastic entrepreneur
  • Sufficient capitalization and financial capability to develop a community of numerous shops within a span
  • Enthusiasm and dedication to the Company
  • A lengthy period tactical vision for enlarging the Baskin Robbins new
  • Fiscal Credibility
  • The Individual should be fiscally solid and willing to give quality time to manufacturer
  • A food business background will be an Extra benefit and valuable

Baskin Robbins Franchise Training

The first Baskin Robbins Franchise Training plan requires a full of 15 times (not including online instruction ).

The training program includes 5 days of Foundations Training conducted at the Dunkin Brands University (DBU) in Braintree, MA and also a 5 day Dessert Operations training curriculum conducted in the Dunkin Brands University (DBU) at Braintree, MA.

The franchisor also needs a total of 5 times of Restaurant operations coaching at a specified training Restaurant comprising teacher demonstrations about the best way best to shop, product, function and bundle products marketed in a Restaurant, followed by student practice serving guests.

No. Training Plan Title Quantity of Day1Foundations Training5 evening Two Dessert Operations training program5 evening 3Restaurant operations coaching 5 evening Complete 15 afternoon

Some essential classes are only provided online and are known as online training. These courses will need roughly 16 hours finishing . That can be in addition to the courses listed above.

Additionally, for franchisees’ initial Restaurant, the franchisor will need them to take part for two days at the opening of the next Restaurant.

Franchisees have to attend and need their workers to attend additional training as the franchisor can from time to time demand.

Baskin Robbins Franchise Coaching and Service

Site selection, discussions on behalf of the entrepreneur, consultation with malls, and other stations of company for franchisee

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Baskin Robbins Franchise Contact Details

Baskin Robbins Franchise Contact Details, To make an application for franchise of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream you may apply online by completing a form readily available at

that’s official website of Baskin Robbins.

Baskin Robbins Head Office speech

Mumbai — 400005

Baskin Robbins contact no: 022-6251-3131

North Zone

Mr. Pradeep Kapahi

Mobile Number: 9650777882

Mail Id:

East Zone

Mr. Chitra Agarwal

Mobile Number: 9874066822

Mail Id:

West Zone

Mr. Rajesh Mahades

Mobile Number: 9930251068

Mail Id:

South Zone

Mr.Manoj Pathak

Mobile Number: 8861884481

Mail id: