Exide Battery Dealership

This Article involves a step-by-step guide about how to acquire an Exide battery dealership in India. In addition, it has investment, price, profit, dealer margin, and contact details.

Exide Holds the first position in the lead-acid battery market. For over six decades, Exide has been one of India’s most reliable brands, appreciating unrivaled reputation and remember. Currently, the company has nine factories strategically located around India from which 7 factories are devoted to batteries along with the other 2 factories manufacture Home UPS Systems.

Apart From India, Exide has subsidiaries in the united kingdom, Singapore, and Sri Lanka and its own exports interval 45 countries across six continents in a developing list of overseas clients.

Exide Provides a complete solution in areas of equipment choice, battery sizing, optimal room layout, setup, operation, and upkeep.

1. Automotive Battery

Exide Produces, distributes and offers a broad range of automotive batteries for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, along with three-wheelers. Inverter Batteries

The Inverter battery array incorporates tubular batteries, flat plate batteries etc..

2. Industrial Batteries

Company’s Industrial battery range is vast. The company provides battery life for Railways, Telecommunications, Power & Infrastructural projects, Tractor & Motive Power, Online/Offline UPS System, Miner’s cap lights etc.. Home UPS Systems

In the House UPS system, Exide supplies both decrease KVA and higher KVA battery to the consumers. Solar Batteries

Exide Manufactures solar batteries which guarantee superior performance, higher reliability & guaranteed service life. Genset Batteries

The Company produces and sells a vast range of genset batteries. Additionally, the business provides this type of batteries after personalization according to the particular need of the client. Submarine Batteries

Exide Manufactures high-end submarine batteries conforming to the most stringent technical specifications and quality control criteria. The business meets 100% need of the Indian Navy with indigenous submarine batteries as well as exports with consent of the Government of India.

Exide Battery Brands

Exide is India’s largest producer of lead-acid storage batteries and its greatest power-storage solutions provider. The company sells the products across the world, under its brand names EXIDE, CHLORIDE, SF SONIC, CEIL, INDEX & DYNEX.

Exide Battery Dealership Opportunity

Exide Battery Dealership Opportunity; Through the Years, Exide has grown through a constant and Consistent attention and evolved as a brand with modern values. Exide’s brand character is almost live and embodies values of dependability and trust.

These Values are held very sacred by the company in every facet of its performance and are reiterated in its commitment to all stakeholders, clients, shareholders, workers, and society.

The Exide brand has earned a exceptional status by becoming almost universal to the category with a very high unaided recall with the target audience. Consequently, the Exide automobile is a highly prestigious business opportunity for entrepreneurs in the auto field.

How to Get Exide Battery Dealership on your Area

How to Get Exide Battery Dealership on your Area? Broadly, You are able to adopt two separate business model. First of all, you can sell Exide batteries along with other automobile-related products if you have a shop. Otherwise, it is possible to start an Exclusive Exide Battery store in your region.

For the First option, contact the local business representative. He’ll arrange the dealership agreement and supply of the product. If you would like to start an exclusive shop, then contact the business directly through email or telephone.

Exide Battery Dealership Investment

How much Exide Battery Dealership Investment? We Did not locate any particular information from the official website concerning the franchise price or dealership investment. On the other hand, the major criteria are commercial retail area at a premium location. Moreover, you have to have an investment capacity of Rs 15 to 20 Lac for starting the business. On the other hand, the startup investment may change based upon the location and store size.

Investment capacity: Rs 15 to 20 Lac

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Exide Batteries Dealership Contact Number In India

Here is Exide Batteries Dealership Contact Number In India



Exide Industries Ltd..

Exide House

59E Chowringhee, Kolkata — 700020

Phone: +91 33 2302 3400, 2283 2118/ 50/ 71

E-MAIL: exideindustrieslimited@exide.co.in

Website: www.exideindustries.com