Hp Petrol Pump Dealership

Can you Want to start an HP petrol pump dealership outlet in India? This article includes a step-by-step guide on the best way to start the HP dealership business with investment, cost, profit, licensing, and contact details.

The word It is an Indian state-owned oil and natural gas company with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

HP has About 25% market share in India among public-sector companies (PSUs) and robust marketing infrastructure.

The Advertising network of HPCL consists of 21 zonal offices in major cities and 128 regional offices.

Products for HP Petrol Pump Dealership Business

Pumps around India. Its principal consumers are personal vehicle owners. Essentially, regular auto owners, transport agencies, businesses, are the significant consumers of diesel.

Additionally, HPCL is the market leader in lubricants and related products. It controls over 30% of the market share within this sector. Some of the most popular manufacturers of HP lubes are Laal Ghoda, HP Milcy, Thanda Raja, Koolgard, and Racer4.

Generally, The dealers have so many product choices for selling form their outlets. It assists in raising the earnings and profit earning.

Locations for Setting Up HP Petrol Pump Business

What are the preferable Locations for Setting Up HP Petrol Pump Business? Generally, The petroleum businesses decide the place for the dealership after studying feasibility. Picking out the location includes an expansion plan earmarking the booking category for each place.

Thereafter, HPCL releases advertising for those places identified. The candidates meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned in the advertisement can create an application in the prescribed format.

Finally, The selection committee requires the eligible candidates for interviewing and finalizing the trader selection. HPCL gives preference to the candidates that are eager to move land on long-term lease /sale on HPCL.

HP Petrol Pump Dealership Cost

How much HP Petrol Pump Dealership Cost? Generally, Because it depends on the expense of land, size of plot and amenities required to be designed to meet the need of consumers from the trading area of the outlet.

HP Petrol Pump Investment

Application Fee

You will Need to deposit a non refundable application charge of Rs.100/- in respect of Rural ROs (Rs.50/- for SC/ST category locations). It’s Rs. 1000/- in respect of Routine ROs. (Rs.500/for SC/ST category places ) in the form of demand draft of program bank just in favor of the Oil Business.

One Applicant can submit just one application for a single place. In case you submit more than 

Non-refundable fixed fee

In case of dealer-owned or company leased sites, a non-refundable fixed fee of Rs. 5 lakhs for Rural HP retail outlet and Rs. 15 lakhs for Regular HP retail outlet will be payable.

Bidding Amount Starts at:

In case of HP franchisor involving bidding for allotment, the minimum bidding amount will be of Rs. 10 lakhs for Rural HPCL retail outlet and Rs. 30 lakhs For regular retail outlets will be payable.

Deposit Fee

The applicant needs to deposit Rs. 50,000 for Rural HPCL ROs and Rs. 1.5 lakhs for Regular HPCL retail outlets.

program, HPCL will consider just one application for Draw of Plenty / Bidding procedure. The non-refundable Program fee filed by the applicant together with all other applications won’t be refunded.

Special Preference for HP Petrol Pump Dealership

What are the Special Preference for HP Petrol Pump Dealership? According Into the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, oil companies provide reservation for various categories. This is part of the promotion strategy of HPCL.

Scheduled Caste(SC)/Scheduled Tribes(ST): 25 percent

Physically Handicapped Persons: 5 percent

Paramilitary/Police/Govt. Personnel: 8%

Defense Personnel: 8 percent

Freedom Fighters: 2 percent

Outstanding Sports Persons: 2%

Open: 50 percent

Additionally, The company reserves 33% locations in each category for girls belonging to this class.

How to Apply for HP Petrol Pump Dealership

How to Apply for HP Petrol Pump Dealership? After Identifying the place for establishing a retail outlet/SKO-LDO dealership, HPCL releases an advertisement in the top newspaper. Normally, the advertisement comes from one English and one Hindi/vernacular paper.

HPCL Invites applications from applicants belonging to this category where the location is reserved. From here, you can find the eligibility criteria, terms & conditions, and procedures.

You can apply only in the prescribed format for those locations advertised by HPCL. You will have to submit the completed applications to the concerned Regional Office within the time limit as stipulated in the advertising.

But, HPCL does not accept any application unless they release an ad for a particular site. Thus, it is possible to only apply when the company releases the advertisement sicking application for the dealership.

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HP Petrol Pump Dealership Contact No

To contact Franchisor here is HP Petrol Pump Dealership Contact No

You can search for the advertisement on the internet.

Assess The link: http://www.hindustanpetroleum.com/retailpetrolpumpdealership