Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise

Do you Want to start a Sanjivani Pharmacy franchise outlet in India? This informative article includes’how to open’ manual with franchise cost, gain, support benefits, and contact details.

Sanjivani Is a Delhi-based pharmaceutical company. Presently, it’s a famous brand in medicine retailing. The brand started functioning from the calendar year 2006. It has a network of over 40 stores throughout the country. Sanjivani provides 24 hours medication store for those customers.

Sanjivani Provides a franchise opportunity to the new entrepreneurs. Also, the company helps with the way of running the shop. The process of obtaining a franchise is quite much easy.

Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Opportunities

Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Opportunities; There is Quite a few reasons which tempt you to select Sanjivani as your pharmaceutical business.

1. First of all, the business supplies you with a wide selection of products in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. With a wide selection, it will become easy to run the retail shop. Moreover, the stock management system makes sure that the stock remains to the mark all the times.

2. Additionally, Sanjivani drugstore offers you with the promotional inputs which will help you in conducting the shop in a successful manner. It includes remainder cards, visual aids, and gift items that can help you in boosting the store to the various customers.

3. You won’t ever remain short of inventory. The company always ensure you never need to miss any prescription because of inventory issues. If the new product has been launched, it’ll be into your shops even before the doctors start prescribing it to the clients. This ensures that you will never miss a prescription with our franchise.

4. Sanjivani guarantees you that on your place there’ll be no other franchise shop of Sanjivani. You will be allotted your territory and you’ll be the only seller representing us at that area.

5. Furthermore, the company provides a competitive pace in the markets. It is guaranteed that you will get us.

6. Last, the business provides staff training so they can get familiar with any kind of medication coming into the marketplace.

Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Cost

Before starting franchise you must look for Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Cost;

Total Franchise Fee: 3.5 Lakh

Pay Back Average ROI: 70%

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Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Contact Number

To contact the franchisor here is Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Contact Number; First of All, open the official website. Then scroll down the webpage. You’ll locate a question box at the base. Fill the form and then send your message.

Sanjivani Pharmacy provides a wide selection of products. The listing includes allopathic Products, OTC product, and everyday use products.