Indian Postal Franchise; Fundamental postal facilities around the nation. To be able to meet with the requirement for Post Offices, the Department provides postal services via India Post Franchise Scheme. In this guide, we look at the India Post Franchise Scheme in detail.

To Understand about Post Office Recurring Deposit Scheme

Objective of the Scheme

Objective of the Scheme; The primary objective of this India Post Franchise Scheme would be to Enlarge the Indian Postal community in the urban and rural areas by launching franchised outlets in underserved locations. This strategy aims to maximize the access of postal section range of products and services and boosting the standard of services at any place in the nation.

Two types of franchises concept have been placed beneath the scheme.

The idea of providing counter service centers through Franchise Outlets in areas where there’s a demand for your postal services, however a post office cannot be opened.

The other concept is regarding the sale of postal stamps and stationery during the postal brokers in both urban and rural places.

Features of the Franchise Outlet Scheme

Features of the Franchise Outlet Scheme; The under following are the fundamental features of this urban Franchise version:

Under this strategy, just counter solutions can be franchised, while the shipping and transmission-related providers will be throughout the Department. Linking of structures for the franchised outlets will be offered by the franchises.

The franchise provides service across the counter for a time of minimal time program defined with the flexibility to work around the clock.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria; For the opening of a new franchise, the applicant will want to Submit an application form at a prescribed format. The criteria for the selection was fixed the department based on the candidate together with the capacity to operate and promote a variety of products, along with a feeling of the community demands general traits of their job, and willingness to accept technological options.

The under following entities need to satisfy the standards are as follows:

  • Person, associations, associations, and other entities in rural and urban areas are eligible to apply under this scheme.
  • In the event of a person, the applicant will have to sign an into an agreement and in the case of organization, institution or other entity, the Head of the institution or organization or entity will enter into an arrangement.
  • The family members of serving postal employees are not eligible to avail that franchise strategy in precisely the exact same division where the postal workers are working.

The household members of their household for this purpose would comprise the following men:

  • The partner, but that not includes the separated spouse or the one living individually while the judicial separation proceedings are around.
  • The children and stepchildren but not includes children and of whose custody the functioning postal employee was stepchildren deprived by legislation.
  • Other persons like wards those who are dependent in their life with the serving postal employee. No upper age limit.
  • The era must be above 18 years and there’s no upper age limit.
  • The educational qualifications to be 8th course pass by a recognized college institute.
  • Preference can be the Postal pensioners and those able to offer computer facilities.


  • A proper appropriately located and available premises, properly maintained with all the suitable screen of the accepted signages.
  • Applicant must be happy to create the required investments for the conduct of the company and also to supply specifics on how the premises will be operated.
  • A business plan has to be ready to take into account the anticipated minimum amount of revenue/business that’s worked out by the Divisional Head for the particular franchise.

Indian Postal Franchise Cost

How much Indian Postal Franchise Cost? The average investment for infrastructure establishments and other facilities in the premises are going to be approximately Rs.1 to 1.5 Lakhs. The applicant will have to mention that the minimum business generation feasibility in the location where the franchise is suggested to open.

The minimal earnings generation has to become Rs.50000 per month which will be reviewed by the department on each biannual basis.

The security deposit in the form of National Savings Certificate (NSC), to be provided by the franchise, and that would be based on the maximum possible level of financial transactions likely be undertaken by the franchise a day. The minimal security deposit to be Rs.5000. Further, it could be raised on the basis of daily average earnings.

Investment Cost: approximately Rs.1 to 1.5 Lakhs

Products and Services Offered By Indian Postal Franchise

Products and Services Offered By Indian Postal Franchise; Many ranges of the products and solutions have attributes which are Offered from the India Post are as follows:

Sale of stamps and stationery which also contains philatelic items could be offered by the Realtor.

Booking speed post content, registered posts, money orders (on EDBO model),e-post, etc.. ) There is no limit for the majority booking of registered and speed post articles and there is no rebate for the majority booking of rate post articles will be admissible over the commission owing to the franchisees as relevant from time to time changes. The franchisees won’t take a bulk booking from Reserve Now Pay Later (BNPL) customers.

In case of Bulk bookings the Hyperlink post offices must report to the Head Office(HO) and It’s further forwarded to the Divisional Office. Then the Divisional Office will create an alert to the Marketing Executives to make efforts to attract the customers into the fold of this Novel Now Pay Later (BNPL) of this Department. The limitations are imposed by the section regarding majority booking are also applied to the franchisees.

Any cash order for a value that is less than Rs.100 won’t be booked from the franchisee outlets

Functioning as a direct representative for Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and provide related aftersales service, including the group of premia.

The Department having a corporate agency or tie-up for its advertising products and it provides all applicable follow-up services which are subject to the agreement with the other involved organizations.

Supplying retail providers which have the sale of revenue stamps and Central Recruitment Fee (CRF) stamps and tagline collection/bill/payment providers of the Department that is subject to the arrangement with all the other involved organizations.

Facilitating the rules concerning e-governance and citizen-centric solutions (subject to arrangement with all the other organizations involved)

Any other service pioneered by the Department in future via its sockets that is supposed open to the franchise version that’s subject to arrangement with the other involved organizations.

The model has sufficient flexibility built in to allow a range of services which are to be extended throughout the outlets based on the needs or demands, and to boost the range when it’s found necessary.

Thus, the list of counter services that can be offered through the different outlets may differ, keeping in design of this location and its capability to generate the revenues.

Implementation of this Scheme

Implementation of this Scheme; The execution of the franchise version will be in Fast-developing regions of urban growth such as metros and their satellite cities, as also the urban and rural regions where there is a justification for its post offices around the space norms but there is difficulty in supplying the same through redeployment/relocation.

In circumstances where there is considerable earnings potential, the Head of the Circle may relax the standards where the franchise could be opened with subject to some minimum estimated monthly earnings amount creation of Rs.50,000 a month, and there isn’t any adverse effect to the Arabian post offices.

Training Provided By Indian Postal Franchise

Training Provided By Indian Postal Franchise; The Training will be given about the introduction into the Goals, products/services, basic procedures, upkeep of the assumptions and customer care will be the part of the induction training of the franchisees.

The advice will be supplied by the Sub-Divisional Inspector of the region. A franchise would have the ability to transact postal business on computers.

Application Process of Scheme

Application Process of Scheme; The candidates will have to follow the below procedure to become

Step 1: The candidates for franchises will Need to submit an application in a prescribed format.

Step 2: Afterward, the applicant must get the Scheme form from the office and have to fill out the from the prescribed format along with copies of the comprehensive proposal including details of these operations of franchise socket.

Step 3: Then The selected franchisee will need to register a Memorandum of Agreement with the Department.

Step 4: The applicant will have to provide a Detailed report/records of those actions undertaken in the franchise outlet having a progress report or announcement to the department.

Selection Procedure

Step 5: The selection for this franchise Scheme could be made by the concerned Divisional Head based on a report/statement in the ASP/SDL over 14 days from the date of receipt of application.

Step 6: Ultimately, it will be ensured that the Permission for the opening of Franchise Outlets aren’t allowed in such Gram Panchayats where the Panchayat Sanchar Sewa Kendras (PSSKs) is working under the Panchayat Sanchar SewaYojana Scheme.

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Remuneration into Franchisees

On becoming the postal section franchise associate, the Applicant will begin earning remuneration/commission in the department available of their services and products which are available in the socket as set out in the program of the Agreement. The commission offered by the department will be as follows:

Rs.2 per registered post article reserved.

Rs.2 per rate post article booked.

Rs.3.5 per money order booked.

20% additional commission on the booking 1000 or more rate post, registered post or equally articles booked.

5% commission on the sale of postal stamps, cash order forms and other items.

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