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Are you looking Forward to beginning MedZone franchise business in India? Find in this post, complete details including price, investment, contact details for the opening of this MedZone pharmacy enterprise.

Medzone Is a chain of health care shops, such as Apollo pharmacy and Medplus.

The very first MedZone pharmacy shop opened in Bangalore.

Today, MedZone is among India’s leading pharmacy chain during India serving countless customers each day. Medzone Pharmacy offers Ethix pharmaceutical products to its customers at sensible prices.

Owner of MedZone are free to sell products of different companies also.

Ethix Pharmaceuticals Is an ISO and GMP certified business. The business manufactures products within their own factories.

Medzone Franchise Opportunities

Medzone Franchise Opportunities; MedZone franchise Business model supports you with monopoly right, equity ownership, autonomy, direction of your own company and long-lasting relationship with your clients. Therefore it creates the foundation for a profitable service industry in your preferred location.

Opportunities in India

Supports Our own factories using 75% discount on its MRP.

  • The organization assists you to buy all of the Important Equipment
  • in Addition, the company helps you to obtain all required (GST/DL/FSSAI (exchange )/ISO) permit numbers.
  • Franchisee Authorization (styled ) Certificate
  • Franchisee performance based Achievement Award
  • The Business Assists in recruiting and constant professional Training for your staff.
  • The brand supplies Medzone billing software with mobile Application
  • Inventory management through the organization’s billing software.
  • Guide to compile sales tax/income tax/audited balance sheet by a chartered accountant.
  • Value-added FMCG products like food nutritional supplements, Ayurvedic Products will be provided from Ethix
  • Soft copy of advertising content to promote the Company in Local digital media (Cable TV) and publish media/banner/stands/stickers/(No — Parking) Board.

Medzone Pharmacy Franchise Cost

Medzone Pharmacy Franchise Cost; The approximate Price Of starting MedZone pharmacy shop will be approximately 1 Lac Rupees.

The franchise fee is a One-time investment (Tenure-5 decades ) that is non-refundable and brings no interest rates

The royalty fee is 1 percent Of gross revenue value

The franchise Agreement will be renewed once in 5 years.

The Rest of the promotional Materials will be transmitted on the to-pay foundation by cargo/transport/courier (freight fee will be covered by the franchise)

The organization charges Rs. 37000 and 18% GST Tax.

The area requirement For beginning MedZone pharmacy retail outlet is a minimum of 1300 Sq.ft.

Investment required: 1 Lac Rupees

Minimum Area: 1300 Sq.ft.

The company will help You in acquiring licenses such as GST/FSSAI/ISO/DL.

Along with this, You will need to equip your assumptions with gear as instructed by the franchisor.

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Medzone Franchise Contact Number

You can Medzone Franchise Contact Number  the Company officials at the following addresses:



Bangalore :

2 & 3, Chanakya Layout, Nagavara, Bangalore — 560 045,

Tel — +91-80-4850 72155

Chennai :

1st Main Road, 1st Avenue,

Telephone no: 9965746080